Homeworkify: Innovative Platform For Students


Homeworkify is a website for the assistance of students worldwide that look for questions and discover the answer for them. The fact that this website is free is one of its best advantages, and many users value it. The Chegg answer can be unblurred via this website, although it’s not the only choice. You can learn more about  its features, whether it is legal or not, and some of its best alternatives in this article. 

What is Homeworkify?

Homework can be a great source of tension and annoyance for students. This new technology has been created to address the problem and make schoolwork for students easier and more pleasant. It is a revolutionary way to organize and manage homework. Its easy-to-use interface allows students to quickly access and overview their assignments and helpful tips, guidance, and resources to help them finish their work quickly and accurately.


  • Look for questions
  • Submit answers to homework questions
  • Help students 
  • Search engine

How Does this site work?

People often ask questions about how to use this website, and you can look for both questions and their solutions on this site. The following steps will tell you how to use this site:

  • First, copy the link and put it into the site’s search box.
  • The solution search engine will search for the correct answer immediately. 

This site also helps children facing difficulty with their homework by providing them with step-by-step answers to the questions they have been searching for.

Unblur Chegg Answer Without This Site

Chegg is an American company known for providing educational services and materials. It includes answers to your questions, a workbook, homework guidance, and tutoring services. But the fact is Chegg is too costly for some people, so they decided to choose this site to unblur their answers. However, it is not the only option available to depend on. Many other different sites are available to clear the Chegg answer. Some of them are given below: 


Quizplus is one of the best websites for understanding the Chegg answers. On this website, more than 20 million questions and answers have been used in approximately 300,000 quizzes. The additional courses were science, math, trades, technology, computing, engineering, and nursing. 

The website’s user-friendly design allows anyone to find the section they want. The site’s search box is at the top and facilitates quick searches for necessary answers. Copy and paste your question into the Quiz Plus search box to unblur your answer. When you press the enter key, the computer will display an answer that matches Chegg’s blurred one.

You can create a free account on this website if you need to search for a few things. However, consider registering for a premium plan if you are more committed to learning. The premium plans allow you to access more learning resources, detailed answers, and quicker customer service. The registration procedure of this site is straightforward, and this will only use your current email address when you create an account.

Moreover, this site also provides specialized tutoring services to help students increase their knowledge. For instance, if you struggle with your assignment, sign up for an account and ask a qualified tutor to provide a personalized teaching solution.

Course Hero

Using the different resources on the Course Hero website is a great method to identify the solution to your problems you could not access through Chegg. The site has an extensive library of homework and textbook solutions that will suit users of various levels of learning. Course Hero covers every subject, including science, mathematics, technology, business, the arts, and history.

One of its best features is its ability to let you update and share your study materials with others. By keeping your searches focused on specific subjects, works of literature, or institutions, you can find the answers to your questions.

To find the answer on this website, you must copy your question and paste it into the search box of course hero. Then you have to press the enter button to show you the most similar answer on Chegg. 

Course hero responds to queries asked within the system with step-by-step explanations. In addition, you can also get informative ideas not only in written form but also in video format. The interface of this platform is simple and designed sections, so you can easily navigate this site. For example, the search bar is at the top of the home page, so you easily copy and paste your question into the search bar and find the answer quickly.

The different sections are available on this platform, like you can search through study resources on this site. Additionally, you can get homework help around the clock, speeding up your time to find an answer.

Additionally, the website enables you to establish connections with knowledgeable instructors who can help you improve your knowledge in any subject. Before allowing access to the content on this site, this site will charge certain costs. But by uploading a few of your study content on this site, you can overcome the payment issue and get free time-limited temporary access to this site content. 


Quizlet is another way to unblur the Chegg answer without Homeworkify. The best thing about this platform is that you can select a free or premium account, depending on your preferences. The free edition of this site is a better choice if you need answers to a few questions; generally, a premium membership will provide you access to additional features and functions.

Copy the response to your query from Chegg, paste it into Quizlet’s search bar, and hit the submit key. This step will probably give you an answer similar to the blurred answer on the Chegg website.

One interesting fact about this site is that it provides detailed information for various queries. Kids find it simple to understand the basic ideas and mathematical formulas, so they may use them in relevant contexts and get precise answers. Due to its extensive information and study materials library, Quizlet has become one of the most well-liked websites among students and educators who want to learn more.

It comprises various subjects: history, philosophy, business, music, language, and math. One of its stand-out features is that it makes learning interesting by including flashcards, games, and tests. These features help students reduce their tension related to studies and also guide them in learning with fun.

The main benefit of this site is that it offers mobile apps for both iOS and Android smartphones, allowing users to continue their studies while on the road. The app will work even when you are offline is its strongest feature.

Additionally, it can synchronize with the website to easily recover your study material and access bookmark pages on the mobile app. 

Crazy for Study

This academic search engine consists of over 30 million homework questions. It provides 100% accurate answers, which is why it has become one of the most authentic and trustworthy websites. To unblur any question, copy and paste the question in the search box and hit the enter button. It will give the most similar result to that in the Chegg. However, you may note a slight wording difference because different people develop the answers. 

This site allows you to sign up or have a free account as long as you want. Moreover, free sites come with their limitations. For example, with the free version of this site, you can only ask up to 50 custom questions, and afterward, you will have to sign up for a paid plan to keep enjoying the additional benefits the site offers.


Another fantastic method of unblurring answers in Chegg is SolutionInn. The site is easy to use, allowing people of different educational backgrounds and skills to get familiar with using it. This site has a great library of over 2.5 million textbook solutions.

One of the best features of this site is it also provides a free textbook which helps students or teachers get the learning material they want to increase their knowledge. You can also ask custom questions and set a limit over which you expect to get an answer. Then you will receive a detailed answer to the questions within the specific period.

And definitely, this service is provided to those users who subscribed to their premium plan. In reality, you even get an online tutor specializing in your subject of interest to explain various concepts and guide you in your homework.

SolutionInn has a free trial version that allows users to ask up to 15 free questions and answers and get free video consultations with online experts.

Websites Like Homeworkify

It is a platform that helps students do their homework and provide a solution to questions they cannot find on other sites. It also provides an online tutoring option so anyone can get an expert to advise in their specific subject, whether Science, Math, History, Philosophy, or Business. But lately, this site has been facing difficulty in answering your questions. Below are some of the top alternatives discussed. If in case this site is down or not working properly, students can get benefits from these sites:

Skooli com

This website is quite popular due to its free tutoring service that will help students do their homework and provide all day and night feedback on the assignments from experienced teachers. It is a legal online tutoring company which was established in 2014.

With the availability of such an advanced platform, anyone can confidently enhance their learning even outside the classroom. It also helps students, teachers, academics, and institutions, reducing learning loss. In a safe studying environment, students have many different learning ways, including rapid, in-demand, and access to expert tutors whenever required.


It is a tool that helps you learn quickly and efficiently and remember what you have learned using different flashcards. The site also makes studies more intellectual and practical, making them better than they can be. It has a vast library and makes your learning faster, and it will look for the best educational library run by the community.


With this software, you can ask questions anywhere and at any time. Regarding this, you can quickly match your specific requirements and chat with an expert by following basic steps. This platform has an IT expert from Microsoft, lawyers from Havard, doctors from UCLA, and other experts whose licenses have been checked. This can save money and time and allow you to talk to an expert about your issue.

Algebra com

This platform is helpful for both students and teachers. It also provides a lot of lectures, worksheets, and a calculator to solve algebra problems. On this platform, many experienced online and skilled teachers who provide their services for free are available. This app assists students with all match problems and ensures it is easy to understand. It will also answer those questions that are complicated and hard to answer.


It is another great platform that provides solutions to mathematical problems that its users search for and provides step by step solutions. The site is easy to use and primarily focuses on showing the more accurate and correct solution. This tool is very helpful for students in providing answers to complicated questions.


It is an online learning platform allowing users to search for solutions to their problems. What makes this stand out from other platforms is that users can upload a picture of their question and, as a result, have videos on various topics to assist students in having a better understanding of different concepts.

Final – Thoughts

In conclusion, Homeworkify is a platform that helps students worldwide to manage their academic workload more effectively. However, various alternatives, like numerade, studylib, and JustAnswer, provide similar services. However, it is a valuable resource that helps students to enhance their knowledge and remain on top of their course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this site Legit?

People have various reviews about this on different platforms, like scam detectors have given this site a trust index score of 39.7%. Islegitsite, another most commonly used website, says this site might be legitimate. This site has helped many people and children get the right answer. But lately, people are facing difficulty in getting the answers. Additionally, many scam detector websites also talked about its rating.

Why does this site ask for email?

The site asks for your email to create an account and provides customized support. After creating your account, it will send you important details, reminders, and notifications regarding your assignment and also tell you about the deadlines. It also allows you to reset the password if you forget it. However, privacy is the main issue of the site, so your email is not shared with any third parties without your consent.

Is this site a scam?

No, this site is not a scam. It is completely safe and legal to use.