Macro Strategies for Point and Shoot Type Cameras


Macro shooting has always fairly for owners of DSLRs with dedicated macro lenses. Even though this is mostly true, compact point and shoots for example the Cybershot with Sony NP-BG1 battery charger hold their own in the macro world.

Even though the DSLR camera would be wise to appear on top in direct comparison, it will still be very simple to find some great macro shots using your point-and-shoot camera. Visit to, we are all about camera specifications and also guide reviews. We have a large collection of cameras in different price ranges and also types such as digital SLRs, compact digital cameras, point-and-shoot cameras, action camera, etc.

This article will provide you with some ideas and techniques to accomplish better macro shots by using a compact digital.

1. Select Macro Mode

Sounds obvious, don’t you think? But would certainly be surprised what number of people do not have any idea you will find there’s macro setting on their camera. Try to find the flower on the dial. That’s macro.

2. Make use of a Tripod

You won’t eliminate camera shake, but you will be capable of change settings easily without losing your composition. Because macro photography is so up close, a little movement of the camera can totally screw up the opportunity of your shot.

3. Using Aperture

If you’re able to whistle in macro mode, adjust your aperture settings to get more control. Use a larger f number if you’d like all things in your image to stay sharp focus, or a smaller f number to hone in over a certain subject so well is in sharp focus.

4. Focusing

Again if the camera enables you, select manual focus so that you can concentrate on your subject yourself. Some time and shoots can struggle in macro settings to concentrate on the niche taking place. Bypassing this and manually focusing can really help the grade of your images.

5. Use of Flash

Using the flash is a consider macro photography, but on point and shoots it can be difficult to manipulate the volume of flash light; it’s going to be too bright. One of many ways with this in mind is to shoot with a very bright period to cut back this effect, or diffuse your flash in some way, grease-proof paper is certainly one option.

6. Rule of Thirds

Make sure you remember composition continues to be as vital as ever and rehearse in the rule of thirds a great way to achieve this. Be sure you have something interesting to photograph.

7. Utilize Self Timer

The simplest way to avoid any trembling camera whatsoever and also to avoid losing your composition is by using the camera self timer. The choice is yours for 3-5 seconds when possible so that you can capture the shot as fast as possible without touching your camera.

8. Attachments

If the compact digital can accept attachment lenses, then make an effort to get yourself a macro lens attachment. It’s going to help and let one to get even better your subject. In reality, while it’s called macro in your point and shoot, it’s still really only up close photography. Only DSLR and beyond really can get into the technical realms of macro, but camera manufacturers to refer to the small flower setting as macros.

But before going out on your own miniature shoot, make sure your battery has been fully charged making use of your Sony NP-BG1 battery charger.