Reputable Teaching Agencies that can help you


Newly qualified teachers, teachers of long standing or supply teachers who are having difficulty finding the right school can now get in touch with reputable teaching agencies via the net. Agency staff carry out a vetting process for all posts they have on their books and work with some of the best schools in the UK. If you aren’t a citizen of the UK, don’t worry, professional specialists will guide you through the procedure every step of the way.

Teachers often move abroad to work. If this applies to you and you wish to relocate back to the UK, this can be easily arranged too. Online teaching agencies will also find you the right teaching job, no matter where in the UK you wish to be based. The SANZA UK Teaching Agency will need:-

  • Two written references on school letterhead from a senior member of staff where you have worked.
  • Signed references with the timescale of your time at the school.
  • Your teaching qualifications, originals if possible.
  • Your curriculum vitae with no gaps in your career history

Of course when working with children, a Disclosure and Barring Service check will be carried out along with a police criminal record check.

What teaching agencies offer

Arriving from a different country to London can be quite a shell shock. Teaching agency staff are the best people to get in touch with if you need to find a job quickly. They:-

  • Offer a personal service with a dedicated team of consultants who can help with jobs, accommodation and any other topics.
  • Have a huge network of available jobs in reputable schools.
  • Provide a teacher recruitment process to find the best person for the job and vice versa.
  • Offer discounts from travel and event companies.

Why not register online with reliable teaching agencies before you leave your homeland, no matter where in the world you live? This will put your mind at ease about finding work once you move to the UK.


Who can take advantage of teaching agencies?

Not only qualified teachers can take advantage of the services teaching agencies provide but also:-

  1. Caretakers
  2. Primary school teachers
  3. Teaching assistants
  4. Nursery nurses
  5. Invigilators
  6. Librarians

As well as the above, exam invigilators and school technicians posts are available.

Benefits of joining a UK teaching agency

There are many benefits in joining a UK teaching agency, a few of which are:-

  1. competitive pay rates
  2. free CPD courses (continuous professional development)
  3. regular social events
  4. referral bonuses

Both permanent and temporary teaching posts can be found for you, whichever you prefer. Should you need any advice or guidance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with online consultants.

With so many different types of schools to choose from, e.g. traditional, independent or fee paying, it’s entirely up to you as to your final choice. Complete an online form with your personal information as soon as possible.