The Best Pilates Studios in Singapore


Are you dreaming of a lean, tanned and toned beach body but are tired of spending numerous hours in a fitness center without tangible results? Would you like to achieve your goals without following a stringent dietary plan? If so, then Pilates may just be the solution to your needs? Consisting of highly productive moves and remarkably effective breathing exercises, Pilates is a great way to achieve a flexible and impeccably toned body without going through the over-exertions of high-intensity cardio routines. In fact, Pilates promote physical and mental harmony without causing or aggravating injuries. Nevertheless, to make the most of Pilates exercises, you will need to choose the best Pilates studio in Singapore. Below are the best 8 Pilates studios in Singapore that you should consider.

  1. PowerMoves

Located in the green surrounds of the Bishan Park and Dempsey Hill, PowerMoves is an award-winning studio for Pilates in Singapore which allows you to enjoy the cool comfort of an indoor Pilates studio while sampling the splendor of the scenic natural landscape. PowerMoves offers a variety of Pilates classes such as Pilates Core, Pilates Strength, Pilates Balance and Prenatal Pilates, which are an exciting mix of reformer, ball and mat exercises designed to strengthen body muscles and renew the mind.

  1. Core Fitness

For those suffering from body aches and injuries or are in need of rehabilitation, Core Fitness is the place to visit for free consultation and a broad range of carefully planned exercises. Boasting of over 20 years’ experience in musculoskeletal therapy, the tidy and spacious Pilates studio allows you to enjoy utmost rehabilitative exercises designed by skilled and experienced instructors. At Core Fitness, physiotherapy and Pilates are seamlessly blended to ensure quickest recovery from injuries and provide holistic mind-body wellness exercises. Classes are a mix of equipment (springboard and reformer) and mat-based exercises.

  1. Sky Pilates

Founded by a group of experienced Pilates instructors, Sky Pilates is one of the largest fully-dedicated machine-based studios for Pilates in Singapore. Found along Orchard Road (within Liat Towers), Sky Pilates is easily accessible and offers a broad range of exciting Pilates classes that suit the needs of most people. And if you want to combine Pilates with other exercises, Sky Pilates provides you with many other classes, including golfer’s classes, TRX, physiotherapy, yoga, dance, tai chi and Gyrotonic expansion system sessions.

  1. Pilates Fitness

For first-timers who are not yet sure which exercises suit their needs, Pilates Fitness allows you to experience your first Pilates session for free so you can make an informed decision thereafter. Situated in Serangoon Garden Way, Pilates Fitness gives you the chance to take your classes in the popular and leisure-friendly environment while offering you a diverse range of mat and reformer classes that are tailored to your needs. At the studio, you will not only have your needs solved, but will also have a refreshing and memorable experience. Pilates Fitness is also one of the studios for Pilates in Singapore that offers classes which are specifically designed for young people, athletes and weight loss.

  1. Pilates Bodyworks

Established and run by Alvin Giam, one of the most skilled and experienced Pilates trainers in Singapore and certified by the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA), the studio is a great place for those who seek customized one-on-one Pilates programs. It is also located at the CBD and allows even the busiest persons to take their classes during short breaks (like lunchtime) and shortly after work. A combination of reformer and mat-based classes are offered.

  1. Upside Motion

Found at the heart of the city, Upside Motion is a minimalistic studio that allows you to set your mind and body at ease through well-crafted Pilates exercises. There is an extensive range of workouts in the studio, from Pilates to Antigravity Aerial, and you can always find what suits your needs. Pilates classes are offered by a skilled and dedicated team of trainers, whose aim is helping every individual to tone, condition and boost muscle endurance and agility.

  1. Breathe Pilates

Breathe Pilates is one of the few studios in Singapore which specializes in clinical Pilates. With studios on the East Coast and in Novena, Breathe Pilates offers carefully designed classes and blends reformer exercises with mat-based ones to work the core muscles thoroughly.

  1. Focus Pilates

Boasting of an open and well-lit environment that is ideal for Pilates classes, Focus Pilates combines physiotherapy and Pilates in one studio to deliver effective workout plans for every client. At Focus Pilates, you can benefit from a healthy mix of mat-based and reformer exercises that are offered under the guidance of competent instructors. Besides, if you would like a private Pilates or physiotherapy session, Focus Pilates offers onsite physiotherapy rooms to help you have your sessions with utmost convenience.