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3 Reasons to Send Your Children to Summer School

Many schools, both private and public alike, offer summer school programs. Take a look at summer school Redmond WA to learn more about these programs. Check out this list of three reasons to send your children to summer school.

1. Prevents Summer Learning Loss

Summer learning loss is the loss of reading and math skills in children during summer break. Summer school helps prevent summer learning loss because it gives children the chance to participate in a variety of educational activities. They can attend literature and history classes to brush up on their reading skills and science and math classes to refine their math skills. Studies have shown that, by engaging in academic activities during the summer, students can stave off the negative effects of summer learning loss.

2. Allows Them to Be Social

Many children do not get the chance to interact with other children during the summertime because they live far away from their friends or classmates or because they come from strict households. Summer school presents these children with the opportunity to learn and play with other kids. A multitude of summer school programs have break, recess, before-care, and after-care blocks built into their schedules, giving students the time and space to socialize with one another and form friendships.

3. Enriches Their Learning Experience

Summer school can be very academically enriching for many students. This is due to the fact that teachers often have more time and freedom to incorporate learning activities, such as science experiments, scavenger hunts, math explorations, and fossil excavations, that they would not be able to conduct during the regular school year. These activities can help students gain a better understanding of certain concepts.

Summer school programs can benefit your children in many ways. Take advantage of them as soon as you can.


Let Your Child Become Interested With Science with Preschool Science Classes

It is a well-known fact that parents always want the best for their children. From the moment they are born, to their first job and beyond, it natural to hope for the best for them. With the option of new preschool science classes, why not get your child started early on the path to success?

These 30 to 45 minute programs are instructive in the most fun and captivating way for your young child. Throughout the program, they participate in fun science experiments and receive engaging demonstrations that help them start to understand the world around them. These classes will help answer all the questions that your curious toddler could ever ask about all the wonders of science. If you don’t know the answers to such questions as why the sky is blue, or why rainbows are so colourful, why not let your child learn through an interactive and entertaining class instead? Or if you don’t have time to be answering multiple questions a minute at the hands of your curious tot, send them to preschool science classes and have all their questions answered to their little heart’s content. Fuel their young passion for knowledge by giving them a jumpstart on their education. From the wonders of air, animals, water, weather, and so much more, your child will be the top of the class before they even start elementary school.

By starting your child off in preschool science classes, you give them that extra opportunity to become interested in not only science, but also the art of learning. When a child is introduced to this concept at such a young age, it inspires a lifelong obsession with continuing to learn and grow as an individual – a benefit they will thank you for later in life. Not only that, but while all the other kids are just starting to learn about science and the world that surrounds us, your child will already know everything their little brain needs to know and will be able to step in and help the other kids, therefore placing them in an early leadership position amongst their peers and in the eyes of their teachers. With both of these benefits, your child will be so much better prepared for the future and will have a solid foundation upon which to build all future skills.

Sign your child up today for weekly classes, or pick and choose from the topics that interest your child the most. See our list of scheduled classes to see all the topics we have listed for the next coming months and have your child choose their favourite! Help us help you and sign up for individual classes to fit around your busy schedules, it’s that easy!

This write up was done by the leaders of Preschool science workshops – . All children are born with a special need to learn and understand all living thing around them. With the help of Littlehouseofscience you can give your child an edge in life by joining the School science workshop.


Pro Tips for Choosing the Art School That’s Right For You

Careers in art are competitive, so choosing a degree in the arts is a decision that shouldn’t be made lightly. The right art school won’t just be another hoop on the obstacle course to becoming a legitimate artist, it will nurture your ability, refine your talent, and teach you the skills necessary to market your art in the real world.

So how do you choose the program that’s right for you? Here is a list of tips that should help make your decision easier.

1. Consider your career goals

Whether you want to be the next M. C. Escher, or your dream is to teach, whether you hope to curate your own gallery or restore centuries old masterworks, it’s essential to know in advance that the program’s you’re applying for will enable you to achieve your goals.

Not all art educations are created equal, and some programs are focused more on the business end of art than the creation of it. Ensuring that your program of choice is accredited is also of paramount importance, especially if you’ll be advancing your education further. Most PhD programs won’t look twice at an applicant from an unaccredited school.

2. Educate yourself about the school’s location

Some programs are located in urban settings, some are more rural, and the difference can make or break certain students. Know what kind of environment you want before you start looking for programs, it will help you narrow your choices, and save you from learning the hard way half-way through first semester.

An addendum to this is the kind of space the program provides for its artists. Will you have a private studio? A shared one? How will the space suit your needs and accommodate the work you are already producing? Is the program flexible, will they help you find more space if you need it? All important questions.

3. Understand the timeline

This is hard for artistic types, but it’s an important part of entering into an agreement with an educational institution. Find out how long the program is meant to last, and how much leniency you will be given to produce a finished product (often referred to as a thesis) after your time there is complete.

Also important: loans and loan repayment timelines. Most federal loans give students 6 months or 1 year after graduation before they start requiring payments, so knowing this will help you plan your career choices after graduation.

4. Research the faculty

Always do your homework when it comes to choosing the people who will teach and mentor you. These individuals can become lifelong peers and are crucial to successful networking. More important than their own fame or success, though, is their ability to teach. Not all artists love teaching students. Seek out other students and gain their insight. Visiting the school is an easy way to do this, and sitting in on a class can be the most insightful experience of all.


Things to Know Before Moving to San Francisco for School

Moving to a new city to attend school is one of the most exciting steps you can take in your young life. San Francisco, with it’s counter-culture reputation, mild weather, and proximity to the ocean, is an obvious favorite for many. If you’re interested in moving to SF, but you’re not a bay area native, here are a few tips that will make your adjustment period infinitely easier so you can focus on having fun and learning new things.

1. Taxi drivers can smell a newbie

This is true in any big city, but don’t let it scare you off. As time goes by you’ll learn the fastest routes, and be able to spot a swindling cabbie even when you’ve had four shots of fernet and can’t find your iPhone because it’s in your other hand. Until then, don’t take a cab to the airport, and don’t spend more than $20 to get anywhere within city limits, and you should be fine.

2. Don’t drive yourself anywhere, ever

Rush hour in San Francisco lasts from sun up, to sunset, and while it’s not as foreboding as other major metropolitan traffic jams (read: Los Angeles and Atlanta), it’s worth your peace of mind to simply take public transportation if you need to make it somewhere on time. If you absolutely insist on driving yourself, add at least 30 minutes to your eta.

3. Anywhere north of Berkeley is too far away

People who live in the East Bay don’t usually find themselves in the city unless they have a class or a job. It’s a fact that cuts both ways. Partly to blame are the unreasonable BART (the train that runs under the bay) hours of operation which are designed to make grown adults feel like they’ve got a middle school curfew.

As a result, it’s just easier to party close enough to home that you won’t get stuck sleeping in off in a station somewhere. So keep your school’s location in mind when you’re picking an apartment.

4. Learn to parallel park anything

Despite the fact that you will, if you’re wise, rarely drive, it is essential to hone your ability to parallel park. In the fog, with a line of bleating traffic behind you and another streaming towards you, on an incline so steep you feel you might slide off, in a space so small only a matchbox car would fit. Being able to perform this feat without breaking into tears will make you a hero amongst all your friends, and will keep you from panicking when you have to rent a Uhaul to move.


5. You will get robbed

Doing foolish things like carrying a purse over one shoulder, falling asleep on the train, leaving anything of even the remotest value in your car, or improperly securing your bike, bike seat, bike tires, or cute little wicker bike basket, wearing your wallet in your pocket, or leaving your computer unattended at the coffee shop, will only increase your chances of being robbed.

6. Silence can be deadly

People who drive in SF often drive electric cars, which are notoriously quiet. So, look before you cross any street.

7. Dress for all seasons

If you’re moving from the midwest or even the northeast, you probably think that weather ranging between 40 and 80 degrees sounds like a walk in the park, but what you don’t know yet are the city’s microclimates and how heavily reliant you will become on direct sunlight.

Thanks to the nearby ocean, the city is a windy place, and depending on where the sun is in the sky, you can wear a coat, hoodie, hat, gloves in one block, and need a t-shirt in the next. Also keep in mind, the buildings in the city aren’t insulated like the ones in more variable climates.

8. And don’t call it San Fran

This screams tourist. No one who lives in San Francisco calls it San Fran. Call it SF, the city, or any other number of cute nicknames, but avoid the San Fran trap. It screams, not from around here.


Learning the Law- Tips For Starting Law School

Law school isn’t always easy, but then again neither is medical. For some people a fine arts degree may be a challenge. It really depends on how determined you are to succeed at whatever it is that you are going to school for.

If you want to be an attorney, lawyer or a judge, then you’ll be spending some time in law school. It helps to go in prepared. Here are some great tips to help you get ready for law school.

Get a Head Start

Are you absolutely sure that a law degree is what you want? Take some time to get some experience, even if it just means volunteering or working as a file clerk at a law office. This at least gives you a chance to see what the inner workings of working in the field look like.

You can also spend some time sitting in on some open court cases to get an idea of what it’s like out in the field, not just sitting in the office doing the paperwork and answering the phones.

Take All the Notes You Can Stand

Take notes and take notes of your notes. You’ll likely be overwhelmed your first year into law school and there is a lot to learn. Law school is not the same as college, it’s more like training in an actual career field. There is no science class, just lots of case files that you need to know how to read and comprehend.

Taking notes allows you to go back through the myriad of things you’ve learned and look up terms you may not have understood or were confused about during the lecture. You might also want to record lectures and listen to them again. The better at note taking you get the better you’ll be at filing cases too.

Do Some Research

A great way to help you get an idea of your field of law is to look at websites online that deal with that particular law practice. If you want to go into personal injury law take time to learn the law by looking at attorney web pages, their FAQ page and whatever else looks like it may have some interested information.

If you want to be a criminal lawyer you can look into various criminal cases online and see how the lawyers dealt with the cases on both sides.

While law school may not be easy, if you are driven and have the dream of being a successful lawyer one day then you can make it. There will always be difficult days, as with any schooling or career, but it’s the love of the job that will push your through to graduation day.


Schools Can Benefit From School Water Bottles for Students

Schools can really benefit from the use of school water bottles. These bottles are not costly and will be able to display the design that you choose for your school. These will also be great for keeping at school because students will be able to keep water on them during class and not have to get up to get a drink from the fountain which can be disrupting to other students. Below you will find this great benefit along with a few more.

Keep Water Handy Throughout the Day

Throughout the day everyone gets thirsty. This is no different when it comes to students. When you give them school water bottles they will be able to fill it up with the foundation during class transitions and this will allow them to have the water with them throughout the day. After all it is important that they are able to get at least eight glasses of water each day and it can really benefit them to get some of this during the school day, as this is where most of their awake time is going to be spent.

Know What They Are Drinking

If you choose to go with clear school drink bottles you will also find that you can make sure that the drink in the bottle is water as it should be. You don’t want students to be able to use the bottle to place soda into it. With a bottle that you can see straight through you will be able to ensure that only the allowed drink is placed inside of it.

Show Off School Spirit

You can get branded water bottles that are custom designed as well. This will be a great way for the students to be able to show off their school spirit. After all it is important to get the students as excited about their school as possible. This can help them with all areas of their education. So pick a great design to help lift their school spirit.

As you can see school drink bottles are able to greatly benefit students and teachers. These bottles are not expensive either which is beneficial. Some of the other school items that your school may be interested in are school refrigerator magnets, school bears, and school mouse mats. Decide on what works best for your school and then decide the items that you think will be most beneficial.


Are looking for best ski schools in Meribel

When you are in Meribel and you wish to look forward to your day’s skiing then you have to ensure that good steps are taken to know how to participate this sport in the best way.

ski school

You would really be able to enjoy it a lot once you get the right idea on how to go skiing in the perfect way. By enjoying perfect meribel ski snowboard schools.

You would be able to feel that you have managed to learn a very important and exciting thing in your life that would make you feel very satisfied with yourself. Make sure that you get to choose from the best Meribel Ski Schools that would prove to be the right one for you.

With the best and experienced trainer, you would be able to get the perfect training that would make yourself a great expert in this field of skiing. You would also be able to learn all the important techniques that would help you to make you feel that you have got the right level for you. It is also possible for you to choose the best timings as to whether you wish to get your training in the morning or afternoon according to your suitability and the local conditions.

Thus it is your best choice which you need to make to ensure getting the right ski schools providing the ultimate training and your technique guide in skiing without taking up too much excessive time.