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Want to learn animation?

You might not realize it but today we are surrounded by animation. Animation is not what it used to be, just on film, now you can see it on your smartphone, in television commercials, on video games, and of course at the movies. Everyday we are bombarded with different animations and we do not even know it. And yet, all of animated media makes it seem so easy, but it is not. Animation looks wonderful when performed correctly but even the untrained eye can determine a poorly done animation. Learning animation can be extremely difficult and takes years and years to master. Like all great art it takes about 10,00 hours to become a master. But, do not let that discourage you, if you like the art of animation go for it! Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. So, to help you on your animation journey here area few tips for beginning animators.

Tip number 1, get the right books.

Surround yourself with books, but not just any books, you need the right animation books. Fortunately legendary animators have spent the time to create books that are full of gorgeous images and wonderful examples. Check out this list of the ten best animation books. The ten best animation books list goes through the top ten animation books that every young animator should own. This list gives you ten books ranging from fundamentals and drawing to story telling. Each book has tons of lessons that every animator should learn.

Tip number 2, watch animation, a lot of it.

Now that you have the right books, it is time to study animation by watching it. No, this is not an excuse to watch tons of films just for your enjoyment. I am not saying sit back and watch tons of sunday morning cartoons. You need to be studying films and animation. Take your favorite piece of animation and play it on your computer. Play it using software where you can pause it and go through the shot frame by frame. Watch a 30 second clip going frame by frame. Pay attention to the drawings, motions, and arcs that you see on screen. You will be amazed at how much work is placed in one drawing or frame.

Tip number 3, learn to draw even if it is stick figures.

You should learn to draw, even if is just rough stick figures. While most animation is done in 3d, it is still important to know how to draw basic shapes. You can be a wonderful 3d animator and not have much drawing skills, but it does help! Why? it is a lot easier to plan and discuss a shot in thumbnail sketches. What might take 15 seconds with a pencil, can take a minute to pose out in a 3d animation software. So learn to draw and express yourself on paper, you do not need to be amazing! If you need a good place to start for drawing checkout, “Simplified Drawing for Planning Animation” by Wayne Gilbert.

Tip number 4, practice, practice practice.

All of the theory in the world will help but it cannot make you animate. So practice, by animating. Do it over and over and over. I would suggest starting small, by doing the classic bouncing ball test, then continue. Do the bouncing ball ten or fifteen times, perfect the bouncing ball. Then move on to a walk cycle. Do a vanilla walk ten or fifteen times. After that , move on to a character walk cycle. The point is to start small and practice, like you would anything else! Michael Jordan was not born making baskets, it took years of practice.

Now those are a few quick tips, they will not make you a wonderful animator but it is a start. If you are serious about animation, I would suggest looking at this post about the best animation resources for learning animation. The post goes over different communities, sites, and schools you can go to learn more about animation. I hope you found this helpful and have fun animating!

autocad training
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Why there is a need for undergoing autocad training?

It is a well-known fact that the demand of software developers is on the increase and qualified professionals are well paid and also enjoy a secured job, unlike this, given the volatile job market and recession hit economy, globally. There are several domains, where software technology is known to have made a mark for itself. One such revolutionary software solutions is considered to be CAD (Computer Aided Design) that is said to have given talented candidates with a new direction to follow in their career, like manufactures and engineers and perform their tasks in an efficient, effective and quick way.

Training in AutoCAD

In order to understand this concept in-depth, there is a need on the part of the candidates to get enrolled in the best autocad institute in Delhi. A good and reputed training institute would ensure employing qualified, experienced and knowledgeable candidates, who can help the candidates to flourish in the domain and to make them experts.

About AutoCAD

AutoCAD is said to have been developed in 1982. It is regarded to be among the most advanced software program during the time of its release. The reason for its popularity was due to the fact that it was among the initial software programs to have the capability towards creating 2D and 3D designs on a PC.

After the launch of this advanced software program, it became a huge hit among organizations, across the globe. However, some smaller issues were noticed with this type of program, as most programs could not be hooked easily to the mainframe. Therefore, its ability to get connected with the other systems became somewhat restricted at that particular point of time. But today, AutoCAD software program is said to be available in 2-D and 3-D versions. Apart from this, it boasts of having over 1,000’s of add-ons, which one can find on the web easily.


According to the experts, many entrepreneurs are known to have to reap in the benefits from using the advanced software program. These days, the 3D version is said to have become the standard among diversified industrial sectors. If one is planning to avail pro and new versions of the software program, then it would be essential to get hold of complete software package, which features almost everything, right from important information to training modules. It is quite imperative to avail training, if the individual is eager to make use of AutoCAD software program. But there is a genuine need to undergo the training program and to learn the tricks of the trade as well as the techniques that are required to be used.

In case, the person has opted to avail a training program in AutoCAD, then he is to ensure that the latest version is taught at the institution, so as to be at par in knowledge and expertise with the current industry and not learn the one that is obsolete.

Having experience and knowledge in AutoCAD is sure to help the individual to achieve immense success in the industry and to carve a name and position for himself.

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Macro Strategies for Point and Shoot Type Cameras

Macro shooting has always fairly for owners of DSLRs with dedicated macro lenses. Even though this is mostly true, compact point and shoots for example the Cybershot with Sony NP-BG1 battery charger hold their own in the macro world. Even though the DSLR camera would be wise to appear on top in direct comparison, will still be very simple to find some good great macro shots using your point and shoot camera. This article will provide you with some ideas and techniques to accomplish better macro shots by using a compact digital.

1. Select Macro Mode

Sounds obvious, don’t you think? But would certainly be surprised what number of people do not have any idea you will find there’s macro setting on their camera. Try to find the flower on the dial. That’s macro.

2. Make use of a Tripod

You won’t eliminate camera shake, but you will be capable of change settings easily without losing your composition. Because macro photography is so up close, a little movement of the camera can totally screw up the opportunity of your shot.

3. Using Aperture

If you’re able to whistle in macro mode, adjust your aperture settings to get more control. Use a larger f number if you’d like all things in your image to stay sharp focus, or a smaller f number to hone in over a certain subject so well is in sharp focus.

4. Focusing

Again if the camera enables you, select manual focus so that you can concentrate on your subject yourself. Some time and shoots can struggle in macro settings to concentrate on the niche taking place. Bypassing this and manually focusing can really help the grade of your images.

5. Use of Flash

Using the flash is a consider macro photography, but on point and shoots it can be difficult to manipulate the volume of flash light; it’s going to be too bright. One of many ways with this in mind is to shoot with a very bright period to cut back this effect, or diffuse your flash in some way, grease-proof paper is certainly one option.

6. Rule of Thirds

Make sure you remember composition continues to be as vital as ever and rehearse in the rule of thirds a great way to achieve this. Be sure you have something interesting to photograph.

7. Utilize Self Timer

The simplest way to avoid any trembling camera whatsoever and also to avoid losing your composition is by using the camera self timer. The choice is yours for 3-5 seconds when possible so that you can capture the shot as fast as possible without touching your camera.

8. Attachments

If the compact digital can accept attachment lenses, then make an effort to get yourself a macro lens attachment. It’s going to help and let one to get even better your subject. In reality, while it’s called macro in your point and shoot, it’s still really only up close photography. Only DSLR and beyond really can get into the technical realms of macro, but camera manufacturers to refer to the small flower setting as macros.

But before going out on your own miniature shoot, make sure your battery has been fully charged making use of your Sony NP-BG1 battery charger.

Few Devices to Help Your Studying
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A Few Devices to Help Your Studying

In today’s enhanced technology world, electronic devices like smart phones, laptops, net books, broadband and WIFI set-top boxes have become part of life for many people. Nowadays, students need to know how to study smart on top of study hard. Therefore, they don’t just rely on paper and pen, but they need to know how to benefit from electronic devices to help them study in more effective and efficient way. This article will discuss a few very useful devices that you can use to help in your study.

1. Smart phones

Smart phones are getting smarter as they have more functions that beyond the original role as a phone. They have integrated many functions like recorder, camera, USB drive, video and audio players and they are able to connect to the Internet. If you own a smart phone like iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, you are owning a smart gadget that can be used to help your study. For example, you can use the phone as an audio or video recorder to record a lecture session and playback during revision later. Use the video conference features to have online discussion with classmates when you are doing revision at home.

Although it is not very convenient if surfing the internet with a phone due to its small screen size, but it can be very convenient as a device that can get you connected to the Internet from anywhere and at any time, whenever you need to get connected to the Internet, either for searching information or any purpose.

2. iPad/Galaxy Tab

iPads and Galaxy Tabs have become hot devices owned by many students. If you have one of these devices, you can use it to help your study. Many applications like smart dictionary, text-to-voice software, language translators software are among the tools available that you can install into these devices and use them to help in your study. Moreover, the latest iPads and Galaxy Tabs have very close function to a full-features laptop where you can install the applications like Word Processor and Spreadsheet to do assignments and group projects.

3. MP3 Players

For many students, reading learning materials in text format can be very challenging as they find it hard to remember the content if they read them via text format. Fortunately, there are many free text-to-audio conversion software available on the Internet. You can use the software to convert the learning materials to audio files and save them to a small gadget like MP3 players and playback for revision whenever you have spare time like when you are waiting for buses, during a lunch break, etc. It is very convenient to bring along for using in quick revision on your study at any time and anywhere.


As a student in today’s enhanced technology world, you need to study smart by knowing how to use the smart gadgets like smart phones, iPad/Galaxy Tabs or simple MP3 players to help your study. The above 3 devices are among a few devices for you to study smart by benefiting the advantages of smart gadgets.

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Education From IT Colleges Works in All Industries

Numerous jobs in todays modern culture need candidates to be well-versed in the latest forms of technology. Instruction given through IT colleges may undoubtedly help college students obtain employment opportunities in information technology, although college students considering other industries can usually benefit from the education provided through IT colleges too. Usually this is because of the foundational classes that they take as well as the useful skills that can be easily applied in all aspects of industries. The world is evolving quickly and those who can keep up with it will have better chances at securing a great job. The following are some areas where taking supplemental classes through IT colleges may come in handy.


To run a thriving business today, its important to fully understand how technology can be employed for both functional and marketing and advertising purposes. Large organizations often have their own IT divisions, although it is less likely for more compact companies. If youre enthusiastic about a career in pretty much any area of business, possessing supplemental technology skills will make you a beneficial advantage to your company. Pros who are able to use the most up-to-date forms of technological innovation might be able to assist a company to thrive, even in techniques a small business owner or president cannot.


Educating is yet another area where the track record in technology is a must. To properly educate todays students, its extremely important to not only learn how to use technology, but also to be able to instruct others to accomplish the exact same. Todays college students must be able to utilize technological know-how in a future career, and its beneficial to start out studying technology at an early age. Professors who posses the skill-sets educated in IT colleges and they are able to utilize technology in the classroom to assist pupils learn will likely see their students more positively involved in the content.


The healthcare field is continually innovating with the growth and development of new kinds of technology. But without the right schooling, healthcare staff will not be able to make the most beneficial usage of new equipment. Among the best traditional methods of patient care could be considerably improved by incorporating new technology, but its first necessary to be sure that todays healthcare workers from all levels have learned to use it properly.