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CBSE Exams
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3 Tips To Prepare For Your CBSE Exams

CBSE exams can be quite a challenging task for students to effectively learn and prepare for. Students who are in classes 10th and 12th are generally under a lot more pressure to score higher marks as these examinations carry a lot of importance. The CBSE class 10 Science notes, maths notes or class 12 PCMB notes can be an excellent resource for students preparing for their examinations.

These exams carry a lot of significance because they are considered by universities and colleges everywhere to allow admission to students into their respective institutions. Thus, students who score good marks in these examinations have a much better chance of getting into the colleges or universities of their own choice.

We have compiled three different tips, that will prove to be useful during your preparations for the final examinations. These tips will also help you to score the highest marks in the examinations as well. You can find the tips below:

  • Solving Previous Year Question Papers: Previous year question papers are an excellent resource for students, as they can refer through these papers to understand the exam paper pattern better. They would also be able to recognize, highlight and practice the most frequently asked questions over the years and gain proficiency for their final examinations.
  • Referring through CBSE Notes: Learning through the textbook and question papers isn’t enough, as students must know the best way to answer questions in the main examination. For example, a student can refer through the CBSE Class 11 Chemistry Notes while preparing for their chemistry examinations and gain more perspective on how to answer questions better.
  • Learning through Edu-Tech Apps: Edu-Tech apps are a great resource for students to learn from, compared to traditional teaching methods as students can access video lectures, practice material, and other great resources at any time or any place.

Apps such as BYJU’S- The Learning App have gained a lot of popularity due to their excellent content and video lectures, taught by the best professionals from across the country. These applications have mingled education with convenience, thereby helping thousands of students to learn on the go.

Thus, these are the different tips to effectively help you prepare for your CBSE exams. Subscribe to the BYJU’S Youtube channel to learn more about CBSE exams. Check out this short video explaining the introduction to metals and non-metals below:

Outsourcing Information Technology
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Outsourcing Information Technology – The benefits

Information technology (generally known as IT) is an essential aspect of conducting business now. With a whole great deal of shoppers taking their company towards the internet, outsourcing IT really does make the lot of sense, since it experts are in large demand in a great deal of industries. Furthermore, a lot of functions associated with information technology can become managed a lot more affordably when tasks are outsourced to independent firms and individuals instead of utilizing in-house providers.

In the business world today, companies that will want to become competitive “NEED” be able to provide a very unique product, period. Outsourcing is the major key to keeping your own business profitable. Information Technologies undoubtedly an essential area of the company process that will need technical competencies that is way beyond the capacity of the particular present management. If this particular aspect is the case with your company, then you will have to outsource your IT department to an outsourcing firm to assist you to manage your company’s IT features.

Reason to Outsource IT Services

Here are a few reasons why freelancing a much better option for managing your company’s Information Technology department, rather than maintaining an IT department in-house:

  1. Enhanced Cost Management Controls
  • Information Technology costs become much more visible because all the particular billable hours must, of course, be made up. Outsourcing firms are considered to be extremely professional and are ready to give you a detailed account for all billable hours; you do not really have to pay for some employee who reports at the particular work, slacks off from his or her workstation and still collect their paycheck at the end of the week!
  • Outsourced services are employed as at whenever the need arises; businesses only get to purchase the services that they have actually used.
  • An outsourced Information Technology division can really help in order to reduce expenses by making use of its vast knowledge foundation of different IT professionals.
  1. Improves Quality associated with Service
  • Outsourced firms are usually known to make access to their client’s efficiency reports and measurements.
  • The effective communications between business tasks improve each and every degree and also make certain that Information Technology assets are not whatsoever becoming misused.
  • Outsourced firms are usually famous for providing 24/7 support at very affordable prices.
  • The outsourced worker has a tendency to drive budgeting plus planning improvements.
  1. Staffing requirements

Recruitment levels can be quickly adapted to every single client’s requirement, therefore staying away from delays due to the particular following:

  • Economic Downturns
  • Business expansion
  • Information Technology consultants are well skilled in the newest systems.
  • Retaining in-house technically competent personnel is really difficult when job opportunities out there are consistently transforming.
  • Attrition
  • Your business can appreciate Information Technology support insurance coverage without totally relying on just one or two key persons. If your own business depends on just one key IT person; that means your business can be in trouble in case your crucial man or woman chooses to tell you those 2 words that a lot of employees are declining to say to the face of the bosses, and that is “I Quit!”
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing, the new wave in the era of modernisation

Digital marketing is a new way of marketing these days. So people are very keen to learn digital marketing nowadays and it has some Bright Career prospective too. There are so many different types of digital marketing courses in delhi which can make a person very much aware of digital marketing procedures to grow any kind of business. As our country has adopted digitalization so this type of courses are getting popular day by day. There are different types of digital marketing courses in Delhi among which we are presenting five of them here.

  1. Search Engine Optimisation:

Search Engine Optimisation for SEO is solely related to optimise the search results in the search engines like Google. It is all about using some tricks to make your search results visible at the first place in Google. This is an art itself to make an article full of that kind of words to make it visible to anyone who search for it. If an article is search engine Optimizer when it will be visible at rank 1 in any type of search engine. So it is a very wanted course these days.

  1. Social media marketing:

Social media marketing is another way to get your business to reach at a higher level. nowadays everyone is in social media and we always keep browsing social media platforms in our daily life. So it is obviously very convenient for people to use social media as the promotional purpose for their business. Be it small or big if a business is promoted in social media then it is surely going to be a big hit. And for this reason social media marketing is a hype right now. And this type of course makes your CV impressive too.

  1. Email marketing:

If you want to reach maximum people at a time then email marketing is the thing for you. It is all about sending promotional mails to different people at a time. We always keep track to our emails at any cost and if some promotional mail stays there in our mailbox, we will surely take a look at them and this is the key point of email marketing. This is also an art by which you have to grab attention of the people by the first line of the email itself otherwise people will put the email to the trash as soon as they see it.

  1. Web Analytics:

Web analytics is another genre of digital marketing. web analytics is all about keeping the record of your business and analyse it according to its details like revenue and profit. web analytics courses are there in the digital marketing package and you can get an idea of analysing the business through the web analytics sources.

  1. Mobile marketing:

Mobile marketing is another way of marketing these days. We cannot live without our mobile in this era. We always browser mobile phones and if someone choose it to be the place to promote their business then that will be most effective for them. mobile marketing is a very high scores right now and it is a very much needed course in these days.


So this was our list of five main digital marketing institute in delhi. there are so many institutes in Delhi to learn this courses and it will make your career bright as well as effective in future.


On the Hunt for the Right Job

When it is time to look for a new job, it can be challenging to make the right connections. There are many different companies that have very specific qualifications. Instead of trying to navigate this on your own, it can be helpful to use an employment agency. These organisations can help you find jobs that match your education and experience.

The Database

There is often a database of jobs that an employment agency has access to. These job openings may not be easy to find on your own. They also use your credentials to match you up with jobs that you are interested in and qualified for. You can seek jobs outside of your regular field, however, you may find that you need more education or experience to qualify. When you visit the agency for the first time, you may have a profile made for you by a staff member. This allows them to keep finding matches for you on a regular basis. There are several quality employment agencies in Glasgow.

The Interview

You are likely to go through an interview at the agency before you receive offers from other sources. It can help to treat this as a formal interview. It is good practice for the first interview offer you receive. Go ahead and wear your professional outfit to the initial meeting. Speak properly, practice good posture, and have your resume ready to present. This can help you feel more confident in your job search.

  • Dress well
  • Speak in an educated way
  • Come prepared with your resume and educational information

You stand a better chance of finding your dream job when you use an employment agency. They see hundreds of people every day, meaning that they have plenty of experience in matchmaking. Your resume and initial meeting can help them set up a proper profile for the job search. Check in regularly to see what is available.

B School for MBA
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JGU – the Best B School for MBA

Business Administration is a great field for students nowadays. It can be studied even after completing 10+2 in the form of BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration. MBA or Master of Business Administration still holds the prime position for those interested in honing their business and managerial skills. Despite the presence of many of the best B schools in India, the Jindal Global University has achieved significant popularity among students as a destination for high quality management education.

Passage to the Courses

The way to get admission to different b schools is through a systematic sequence of tests. These tests include a tough written exam, followed by a group discussion and a personal interview. Keep in mind that these are not the only things that are stopping you from getting a berth in the top-most business schools such as JGU. You have to first score a decent percentile in your school or college graduation.

Why MBA Works

Let’s talk about the MBA course here as it is the most sought-after management course in our country. Even though the course will give you priceless information and build new aptitudes, you have to learn with the right mindset to get its full benefit. The framework of the intensive two-year aims to provide you with analytical and problem-solving skills in a variety of difficult business scenarios. Emphasis is often laid on the ability to work effectively in a group. Cooperation with other students is a fundamental requirement to succeed in business schools. You have to therefore develop and enhance your speaking and listening skills. The ability to listen is a great asset, which will help you to understand and analyze a situation and provide effective solutions.

The ability to speak fluently and communicate effectively is an absolute necessity in the field of business and management. This skill will help you to share your ideas effectively and convince your bosses that your ideas will benefit your organization.

The Finish Line

An MBA program can be pursued without leaving your present place of employment. JGU offers Executive-MBA program for working professionals. The course is conducted through correspondence. Regardless of whether you pick the less demanding Executive program or the regular campus program, you should apply to the best B schools in Haryana such as the above-mentioned university, which will help to fast-track your career growth and lead you towards a successful future

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Ways of improving your writing skills

Writing well is difficult? Sure it is!

Sewing few letters together to make words and then stringing them together to make up a sentence after sentence doesn’t look easy as it sounds. Every literate person knows how to write, but making a difference by your writings and influencing people is not everybody’s department. It requires skills and a passion to write. Do you want to write content that goes viral and want to pursue a career in writing? Don’t worry! It doesn’t need to be that hard.

Let’s discuss the tips that can help you to improve your writing skills:

  1. Practicing is the key!

Becoming a better writer needs a lot of practice. Pour your thoughts on the paper and just write! This is what writers do mostly, keep their self occupied with different writing projects, either by doing someone’s assignment or writing fairytales for younger siblings.

Make writing your everyday activity. You can team up with ghostwriters and contribute in their work. In this way you can get enough practicing and a professional experience too.

  1. Make sure what you write makes sense

Brainstorming is must! Make sure to clear your concepts first before you dive into writing. Scattered and disruptive ideas can disturb the flow and confused your readers. You don’t want that right? Take a deep breath and think! Then, transform your ideas into words.

  1. Make it simple, stupid!

Don’t get into complex words and phrases. If you are a neophyte then try to make everything simple. Complex prepositional phrases would make your writing unnecessary complex and wordy. You can use them but later. It doesn’t mean that you can’t use good vocabulary. Try not to use those words which nobody knows. Short and less complicated sentences are easier to read.

  1. Don’t be a grammar Nazi!

You are fully permitted to throw away grammar rule book for once at least. Try to write naturally! It’s all good. Grammar rule book doesn’t have to be strictly followed especially in informal writings. So if you are starting sentences with conjunctions or ending with prepositions then it’s perfectly fine. Let your inner writer has some sigh of relief!

  1. Don’t drag

If you think that you have had enough of writing then just stop! Don’t drag it. Keep your writings as simple as possible. Organize your thoughts first in bullets before writing and then go with the flow. Avoid getting into much details. The idea is to use only the information that requires to make readers understand what you are communicating them. Other than that, just remove the extra information. It will make your writings unnecessary lengthy and boring.

The best way to be a better writer is to learn from your mistakes in the first place and try to avoid them in the future. Surely, it needs a lot of practice but the end result would be amazing. The more you write, proofread, and edit the better you will get!

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Hand lettering an exciting style of handwriting practice

In handwriting practices there are many kinds of style are involved and one of the most interesting styles in hand lettering. Some of the people will have a mindset of the learning is an art and it should be in a fun-filled way. Those people can enjoy this style of handwriting practice which is fulfilled with fun in it. In this handwriting style, there are various kinds of stages are involved and this will help the people those who started learning this style. By learning this style of hand lettering the new innovative style of handwriting can be developed and it can be put forward in the market. In the Hand lettering style of handwriting, it not only covers the different ways of handling the letters but also it will help in slow down process of the writing the letters. The main fact involved in the handwriting is that the place of slow downing the letters. If a person starts writing the letters very faster means the letter will seem to be very clumsy. If the same person starts writing the letters very slowly means it won’t be looks clumsy and it will give the best look to the letters.

The glorious way of learning handwriting style

The Grown-up people are mostly struggling with their handwriting because in the passing of years they have started forgetting the way of handwriting style of them. This makes them lose their beautiful handwriting style which was used in their childhood. By practicing the hand lettering style regularly the people those who lost their beautiful handwriting styles can be gets retrieved and they can write their letters in a most impressive manner. By utilizing this style of handwriting the people can able to create a new style of writing which will be more innovative and it will attract the people those who are surrounded by them. There are more online classes are available in the market and it gives perfect guidelines to the people those who are really interested to increase their style of writing. In our school days, most of the marks which were scored by us have been got by the handwriting which was followed by us. Due to technical developments and the passing of years, we have forgotten those beautiful handwriting styles. By retrieving those handwriting styles we can easily write an application form and the challans which were used in the offices. The official letters which were written in the offices should be more exact and it should be more pinpointed in the points. If the information which was given in those letters is more pinpointed also if they leave in their presentation each and every effort will be gets wasted. SO the handwriting is the backbone each and every action in our daily routine.

Math Tutor
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Help! I Need A Good Math Tutor! What Shall I Do

Finding a great math tutor is going to be any student’s best and most efficient way of learning mathematics.

One of the best methods of finding a great tutor is by asking anyone that you know, as word of mouth can be very effective and a good teacher who is worthy, will have a good reputation. So, try first checking out any recommendations as a good start.

Tutors May Advertise in Different Places

  • For example, they may have leave cards or leaflets in cafés, or shops where students hang out.
  • Look out for advertisements in local newspapers or magazines.
  • You may even try a university or college, where tutors often put notices up offering to help students with their studies.
  • In Sydney you will also find premium math tutoring services for both primary and high school students at an esteemed learning centre.

You should also try doing an online search for a tutor, and make sure that the site has tutors from your own country or area.

Questions to Ask

If you’re going to pay someone to help you learn math, you will certainly need to make sure that they will be worth it.

So, ask them:

  • What qualifications do you have?
  • How about your experience?
  • Where can I study?
  • How much will the lessons be?
  • Do you have any special deals?
  • What materials do you make use of?
  • Do you specialise in any particular level or types of math?

You should also ask him or her about their cancellation policy as they may need a few hours’ notice, whilst others may require one to two days’ notice.

Qualifications and Experience Matters

A teacher should have the ideal kind of teaching credentials and qualifications and be more than willing to produce them.

Even though, occasionally, and especially with individual teaching, experience can be a lot more important than qualifications.

  • And it is certainly the case that if a teacher has done lots of one on one tutoring, they can turn out to be a great math tutor, even without any qualifications.

The Location

Many tutors work from renowned learning centres and others teach from their own abode, so you must be able to get to either.

  • They may also be asked to travel to your home and teach, although that may require a little more payment for any transportation fees.


The fees for a good tutor can vary, so it is a good idea to ask around or research what the typical rate is where you live.

  • Some will give you a lower rate per person if there are two or three students at the same level of learning and at the same time.

Lesson Type

The content of lessons is going to be important, so ask the tutor which materials they are going to work with, or whether you will need to bring your own workbook.

And don’t forget, even when employing a private math tutor, you will also have to try hard!

Online Job Searches

Five Tips for Conducting Online Job Searches

If you’re moving with a spouse to another region of the world, looking for employment can be difficult to do until you arrive in the country. However, you can begin your job search online to research the job market as well as distribute your resume to potential employers. Here are five tips for starting a job search online.

Use Job Search Engines

There are many ways to find job listings online, but one of the best ways is to use job search engines. They usually have listings for the top jobs listed on company websites, job sites, and even niche job sites for the type of work you want to do. You could even find job vacancies in Johor for application by searching the right job search engine.

Simplify Your Resume

When you send a resume to a potential employer, it will be scanned through an applicant tracking system before a human gets to look at it. A complex resume will be beyond what the tracking system can handle and may be rejected.

To make sure a real human gets to see your resume, simplify it so it tells them what you can deliver. Study the job description, mirror the language of it, and emphasise your strengths in the areas of importance to the employer.

Don’t Limit Contact

Most people submit resumes and then wait to hear back from the recruiters at the companies with which they applied. Instead of waiting to hear from the company you wish to work for, be proactive and begin contacting people at the company to gather more information about it.

Find and talk to potential peers about working there, contact an internal recruiter to ask questions, and make yourself known to some decision makers. Those on their radar are more likely to get interviews than people that only exist on paper.

Start a LinkedIn Account

Social media can be an important tool for job recruiters looking for and researching candidates. One of the most important social media sites for professionals is LinkedIn, so if you’re a professional actively looking for work, you should be on LinkedIn.

Even at times when you may not be actively looking for work, having a good profile on this site can get you noticed by recruiters looking for someone with your experience within the geographic area of where you are or soon will be.

Thank Those Who Help

After you speak to decision makers or potential colleagues who have answered your questions, be sure to thank them. Send a personal note to everyone you’ve contacted about information, or had interviews with during your job hunt. These notes will be remembered and could help sway decision makers if it comes down to you and another candidate. You don’t have to overdo the thank you; just be sincere and polite.

Become familiar with Skype and other such programs in case you get an online interview. Dress nicely, be polite and conduct the interview in a quiet place so you can give them your full attention.


5 Ways to Make a Job-winning First Impression

College and high school grads are facing an important milestone in their lives as graduation day approaches. They are leaving the classroom or lecture hall behind and moving on to the office cubicle or other professional setting. Even though there’s a trend for many companies to be lax about dress codes, especially in the tech sector, facing the personnel recruiter still means you’ve got to work at making a good first impression.

Good first impressions can determine the level of success you’ll achieve with the persons interviewing you for a job. You resume may be stellar and your grades among the top in the country, but you will be evaluated on several other factors, both verbal and non-verbal, and one of those is the manner of your dress. No matter how many employees you see skating in the halls, when you arrive for your interview, it’s best to dress on the conservative side and be as businesslike as possible.

Students feeling the crunch of student loans and graduation expenses can find relief when shopping for interview apparel at Saks OFF 5th through Groupon. They offer all the merchandise you need to pull together the look that’s sure to win the approval of the most discriminating interviewer.

Here are five things to do when preparing for your first job interview:

  1. Arrive on time, or be sure to have the contact number of the person who’s expecting you so you can let them know why you’ve been delayed.
  2. Be aware of non-verbal cues they’ll evaluate like a firm handshake, eye contact, proper fitting clothes and shoes that are conservative and businesslike.
  3. Show respect for the time given for your interview and enthusiasm for the position.
  4. Remove excessive piercings and cover tattoos if you feel they’ll be distracting.
  5. Don’t overpower the room with your cologne or perfume.

These are just a few of the things they might not teach you in school about searching for your first job. Another is how to get the best deals to save money on all the new apparel you’ll need for your career. For that, start with Groupon to shop thousands of retailers for millions of items offered at discounts that will ease the financial burden of the grad this year.