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Motivation, Rewards, Creativity, and Innovation

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Three articles provide a lot of information regarding the methods and techniques that companies can use to motivate their employees. One of the reward structure that is provided in the articles is individual and cooperative reward structure, and both ways of the structure are used to encourage and motivate employees to perform better. Nevertheless, companies have to analyze the challenges of both structures so that there are no problems or consequences while dealing with such reward structures. The article explicitly provides information and emphasizes the fact that individual rewards undermine teamwork and focuses more on short-term revenue. According to Pearsall, Christian, and Ellis, it is better for companies to use teamwork rewards system since teams bond together because recognition and rewards are not possible without collective performances (Pearsall, Christian, & Ellis, 2010).

Nevertheless, in some organizations where teams have a higher level of task interdependence, it is better for the management to use hybrid reward structure. By rewarding both individual and team members, it acts to grow and improve the team members to accomplish their tasks. These two phenomena have helped in developing a better understanding of employee’s behavior and attitudes which will later help in examining the mediating role of team psychological capital and the relationship between individual and group levels (Heled, Somech, & Waters, 2016).

Moreover, mediating mechanisms also helped in providing ways to improve the hybrid system and creating team psychological capital. By using information allocation, an organization can have the ability to make the teams distribute, develop, and share their expertise (Thompson, 2003). Every individual is unique and has a set of skills and knowledge that can be used as a joint venture to develop an astonishing project. Also, social loafing helps team psychology because it can reduce an individual’s effort and motivate others to work on a task collectively.

Five essential techniques are quite helpful in competency project, and they are quality circles, brainstorming, buzz sessions, brain-writing, and nominal group technique (NGT). These techniques can be used by managers of all the organizations to improve the skills of their employees. The most efficient group technique is NGT because it combines brainstorming as well as brain-writing. Organizations can use this tactic to develop an extraordinary decision-making process. The six necessary steps of NGT can minimize differences and ensure equality and participation from every group member. The method of NGT is best for people that are reluctant on providing their feedback and ideas openly. Therefore, those employees can silently generate ideas in writing and record those ideas. Those ideas can then be discussed and have a final vote. Linking this technique with psychological capital can also help an employee’s life satisfaction and improving their core construct and thriving (Brahm & Kleiner, 1996).

Moreover, NGT is also helpful because it increases the possibility of thinking outside the box. In this technique, people have the ability to generate ideas and defer the judgment between their own and other employees. Individuals can enjoy an uninterrupted flow of thought and organize their opinions without any disruption. This can provide a positive individual psychological state of development. Also, it can help teams to engage in divergent thinking in which they can put aside common assumptions. The only issue regarding NGT is that companies can deal with one problem at a time. This time restriction and lack of flexibility can be a significant disadvantage, but a solid plan and strategy can decrease such drawbacks.

childcare software
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Use sophisticated software for your day care facility

Since most of the working individuals don’t have enough time to spend on a daily basis over their child, thus they prefer to send them to a care center. Owners of care center require a great deal of patience and have to undertake effective measures for the sake of children. Thus most of them have started to opt for childcare software which is very easy to use and also ensures safety of the little ones.

Why you should use this software?

Secured pickup

Through this facility, you will be able to provide effective information to the drivers regarding the change in the pickup schedule. Thus, children will get impeccable security. Furthermore, through care management software parents will also be able to acknowledge time when drivers pick their children from home.

The software will even provide you an opportunity in proper management of pickup plans. Various enrollment data will be effectively generated through generated form. Thus, parents will find it very easy to keep an eye on pickup plan and they can even edit it as per their convenience. Thus, you will get an opportunity to gain their trust.

You can provide genuine information to the parents

It is very important to inform parents beforehand if you are planning to change the vehicle driver, adding a task or just cancelling the service. Though the software it becomes very easy and effective to do so, the information will then be shared with three parties at a time. This step is very essential for the safety of a child. Further notifications will then be distributed through email, SMS or through the software.

How this service helps in saving time?

It is very essential for a business to save a considerable amount of time. The software allows you to create child care invoice and tailor them for specific schedules. You will get various flexible options with which it gets too easy to choose rates on a basis of daily as well as hourly attendance. Through the effective software it becomes way too easy to make clones of invoices. Thus, there will be no need to design separate invoice all over again. Users of the software get an opportunity to sync invoices to cloud system, thus it will be too easy to collect payment for your services.

Smart invoicing is another effective factor with which you can add discount, specific feature or can even eliminate an option from the invoices. Then you can even select total number of students who are acquiring similar pickup services. This process will generate invoices for the selected students automatically and you get to save time.

Why should you use this software in the first place?

This software will give you an opportunity for better management opportunity to track how many students are present in the day care. Here you don’t even have to keep a track of student on paper. Through the software, you also get a chance to track for total time students have undertaken the care on a daily basis.

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The 3 Benefits Of Hiring a Personal Tutor To Improve Your Child’s Education.

We all want our kids to have the best education possible and the majority of schools in the UK provide an adequate education. However, sometimes your kid will have difficulty understanding something in class and due to the high numbers in schools, the teacher does not have a lot of time to give individual attention. This is when you have to step in as a parent and provide your child with a tutor who can assist them with their homework and other studies.

It is fairly easy to find a tutor in Enfield and once you have found a good one, your child can begin to enjoy the many benefits that one offers. Here are just a few of those.

  1. You get one-to-one, face-to-face attention from teacher to student and the tutor is there to answer all the questions that your child has to ask. No question is too difficult or too stupid to ask.
  2. The more your child learns, the more confident they will become. This will spill over into the classroom in school and your child’s grades should begin to improve month on month and they will be no longer afraid to ask questions.
  3. An individual tutor can target the specific aspects that your child is having difficulties with. If it’s math, science, or history, your tutor can cover all of these and expand your child’s mind.

Your kids need all the help that they can get in this ever-competitive school environment. Hire a tutor and watch their grades get better.

RBI Grade B Exam

RBI Grade B Exam

Recently RBI has released their official notification for RBI Grade B Officer recruitment exam, 2019. Keeping in line with the pattern of the past few decades, the RBI Grade B Exam pattern will test your analytical skills, logical thinking, awareness of latest developments and in-depth knowledge of a subject of your choice.

This article will give in-depth detail about all the three phases of RBI Grade B Exam that will help you prepare and crack the exam this 2019.

RBI Grade B Exam Pattern

The RBI Grade B Exam is conducted in three phases. The first phase will consist of questions about quantitative aptitude, reasoning, general awareness and English language. Those who pass will be tested in the second phase for their writing skills (English), Economic & Social Problems and one optional subject from Finance & Management and Economics & Statistics. Upon passing the second phase, candidates will be called for the final round, i.e. interview. When you have passed all the three rounds of the RBI Grade B recruitment exam, you will be hired as Officers in Grade B at the Reserve Bank of India.

RBI Grade B Exam Pattern 2019 (Phase I)

The pattern of Phase -I of RBI Grade B exam 2019 is as follows:

  • General Awareness
  • English Language
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Reasoning

The table below indicates the RBI Exam pattern for the Grade B Phase I exam:

Sections NameTotal number of questionsMarks allotted for each section
General Awareness8080
English Language3030
Quantitative Aptitude3030

A composite time of 2 hours will be given to complete the exam. All the questions, of which there will be a total of 200, are objective in nature. Students who score minimum marks for each test, as prescribed by RBI, will be shortlisted for the Phase II examination based on the aggregate marks obtained in Phase I.

The prelims will be held on August 16, 2019. Due to the high volume of candidates who are likely to appear for this year, the examination may be held in multiple shifts. A candidate, however, has to appear for the examination in only one shift on the given day. The date, time and venue on which a candidate has to appear will be specified in the Admission Letter ( AL) that will be downloaded by the candidate from the official RBI website.

RBI Grade B Exam Pattern 2019 (Phase II)

The second phase of RBI Grade B exam will consist of three papers with a duration of 1 hour 30 minutes each

The pattern of the RBI Grade B Phase – II Exam 2019 are as follows:

  • Economic and Social Issues
  • English
  • Finance and Management

The table below indicates the distribution of marks and questions for RBI Grade B Phase II exam:

Name of the PaperType of the PaperTime allotted (Mins)Marks
Economic and Social IssuesObjective Type90100
English (Writing Skills)Descriptive (to be typed with keyboard)90100
Finance & managementObjective Type90100

Certain guidelines to be kept in mind for Phase II of RBI Grade B exam are:

  • Only candidates who pass the Phase I exam will appear for Phase II
  • Phase II exam will comprise of both objective and subjective questions
  • With the exception of the English paper, all questions will be in the Hindi and English language format

*Note: Penalty for Wrong answers (Applicable to both – Preliminary and Main examination)

There will be a penalty for wrong answers marked in the Objective Tests. For each question for which a wrong answer has been given by the candidate one-fourth of the marks assigned to that question will be deducted as penalty to arrive at the corrected score. If a question is left blank, i.e. if no answer is marked by the candidate, there will be no penalty for that particular question.

RBI Grade B Exam Interview 2019 (Phase III)

Candidates are shortlisted for the interview based on the aggregate marks obtained in Phase II score of Paper 1, Paper II, Paper III. The minimum cutoff to be eligible for the interview round will be decided by the conducting authority in relation to the number of vacancies available. Roll No. of the candidates shortlisted for interview will be published on the official RBI website at the appropriate date. Interview call letters will be sent to the registered email ID.

Guideline to be kept in mind for the interview are as follows:

  • The interview will consist of 50 marks
  • RBI Interview round is the third and final phase in the RBI Grade B Selection Process
  • Candidates may opt for the interview to be conducted either in Hindi or English.

Final selection will be through merit list which will be prepared by adding marks secured by candidates in Phase-II examination and interview.

Now that you know it is of utmost importance that you also take RBI Grade B Mock Tests as well. They will help you identify your weaknesses and help in improving those weak areas. For more study materials, look no further than Byjus to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Learning Difficulty Schools
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Everything You Need To Know About The Learning Difficulty Schools

Parents who have children with learning difficulties understand the troubles of educating their wards. These kids need special attention and a unique strategic curriculum to grasp various subjects. In Cheshire, there are specific schools that are highly acclaimed and have got various prestigious awards for the quality education they provide. These specialist schools for children with learning difficulty follow planned activities that are designed to promote the overall development of children with unique needs.

The learning difficulty Cheshire schools aim for the learning and personal growth of the kids who need extra attention. It helps in providing independence and high self-esteem to them. These institutions obey the national curriculum along with specifically constructed activities. These ventures boost the kids’ experience in life. If you live in Cheshire or nearby and want to give your kids facing problems in learning an excellent environment where they can get the best education, then search online by typing ‘learning difficulty Cheshire’. You will get some website links of special institutions that provide a methodical course of study for students with learning issues.

Do not fix any school blindly just by reading fancy contents written on their websites. Visit the organisations and see the entire premises and the way of teaching. Talk to the educators and the higher authorities. Ask them about your queries. Don’t hesitate to tell the problems your child is facing and ask how they can help your kid learn things. The curriculum is designed in such a way that the pupils can enjoy the learning and can make successful progress. They can live happy and fulfilling lives and can become responsible citizens in the future who can take care of themselves and others equally.

It is seen that children with learning difficulties encounter bully from other kids who have no problems in learning. If you admit your ward in the learning difficulty Cheshire schools, they will gain confidence and will learn to defend themselves. They will be able to value multiple cultures, mingle with society and respect various beliefs. Priority is being given on the communication skills, lifestyles, social education, numeracy, physical dexterity, health education and many other aspects. The bespoke curriculum is aimed at meeting the children’s needs to the fullest. The course of action has a thematic approach. The knowledge, skills and comprehending ability are developed as far as possible. As a parent, take a visit to the classrooms. Also, read the parents review. If you know anyone whose child is already studying in one of these institutions, ask that person about their proficiency.

The kids are rewarded for their good performance which increases their interest in learning more. Dial the number given on their website. You can send emails to the institutions too for further information.

Avoid Panic with College Exams
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How to Avoid Panic with College Exams

Student life can be lots of fun, filled with excitement, and a fabulous chapter in the lives of those who attend college or university. However, it can also be very hard work and can be extremely stressful, particularly when you have exams coming up. It comes as no surprise that many students find themselves in a state of panic when this time of the year rolls around. However, this is something that can be easily avoided simply be being more prepared and organized.

Many students underestimate the importance of planning ahead when it comes to exams, which is why so many end up panicking and cramming at the last minute in the hope of scraping through. Well, by planning ahead, you won’t have to panic, and you won’t just have to settle for scraping through. Instead, you can study at your own pace and look forward to acing your exams. We will look more closely at some tips that can help you to avoid exam panic in this article.

Some Key Ways to Avoid Exam Panic

If you want to avoid exam panic and the stress of last-minute cramming, there are various steps you can take. One of the things you should do is see whether there are any notes that you are missing due to missed classes or whether there are certain subjects you are very weak at. You can go online and find sites that offer access to class notes as well as providing online homework help. This can help to get you up to speed with weaker subjects and will leave you feeling far more prepared for your exams.

Some students sit up night after night when the exams come around because they are limited for time and have to try and cram information in. By preparing yourself and studying hard in the runup to exams, this is something you can avoid. If you want to perform well in exams, you need to get proper sleep so you have energy and can focus. Without this, your health and wellbeing will suffer, which is counter-productive. So, spready your studying out by setting up a sensible schedule that will enable you to learn over time and get yourself prepared rather than panicked.

Social life is another thing you need to look at in addition to lifestyle choices. When your exams come around, you need to be in top form if you want to do well. This means making sure you eat properly and have plenty of energy, reducing your nights out and alcohol intake, and keeping yourself as fit and healthy as possible. This is why you need to assess your lifestyle and make the necessary changes to help you to study more efficiently.

Simple Solutions to Exam Success

The above tips can provide you with simple solutions to help you enjoy success when it comes to your exams. In addition, they can help to make studying far easier and will help to ensure you are focused and confident about taking and passing your exams.

Security Training
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How to Pick the Right Security Training Provider

Picking a company that offers security training can be a challenge, if you don’t know much about this industry, you may find it difficult to choose the best course. Before you decide to part with your hard-earned cash, you should find out as much as you can about the company and the services they provide. A certified security training company in Birmingham should offer a wide range of courses, designed to give customers the qualifications they need to further their careers.

A first-class security training provider should offer a variety of options, including:

  • Security guard training
  • Door supervisor course
  • Conflict management
  • Physical intervention course
  • CCTV operator

Along with all the options available above, a good training facilitator will be able to give clear instructions that covers every part of the job. They should have expert trainers on hand to ensure you get the right experience and parts of the course should include a practical lesson.

Getting the Right Start in the Industry

There are so many people who sign up with the wrong security training companies and find they’ve wasted their time and a large chunk of their money. This tends to happen a lot and results in potentially good security personnel getting a terrible start to their careers. Security companies are all different, some will have experienced trainers while others are just after your money. Before you pay for a course, make sure you do some background research to help you make a more informed decision. Create a list of questions to ask prior to choosing a training provider.

Nursery For Your Children
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Give Yourself Peace Of Mind By Choosing The Best Nursery For Your Children

If you are a parent, then you may have considered the process of choosing a nursery for the development and protection of your child during the day, especially if you or your partner has to go to work. Indeed, many people are not able to take time off work to look after their child, meaning that they have to find a nursery in the local area. Some of the most important things to consider when choosing a nursery are the quality of the staff as well as the price and the distance of the nursery from your home or office. If you are lucky and have a number of high-quality nurseries in your area, then it is relatively easy to find the best nursery for your child.

Indeed, if you are looking for an affordable nursery in Lincoln then a simple online search will help you to choose from a variety of local nurseries which will give your child the best support and development possible. One of the most important things to consider when choosing a nursery for your child is to know what is on offer from the nursery. Furthermore, you should attempt to find out whether this particular location is accessible quickly during rush-hour, while you should also determine whether it is close to where you work or live. Lastly, by visiting the nursery before you decide to put your child there is another important step that you should carry out before deciding which of the available nurseries in your local area that you could put your child in.

  • Find the best location.
  • Undertake regular visits.
  • Apply early.
  • Look for a local nursery.

Therefore, if you want to find the best available nursery for your child, then you should think about applying early as well as to consider these other factors when choosing a nursery.


What are the best things about Southampton Uni?  

When you choose a university in the United Kingdom, you know that you are choosing one of the most educationally diverse countries to learn in. However, with so many high reputation universities to look at and consider going to, you might be unsure of where to start. If you would like to take your studies to the South Coast, though, you will find that Southampton is highly rated with good reason.

Not sure if this is the right choice for you? Then here are some of the best things about Southampton University.

A stunning city

One of the main reasons why people choose to move to Southampton is that the city itself is beautiful. You can immediately feel at home in a modern, upwardly mobile city that is improving all the time. You will always have something to do in the city, but it’s not too large. If you want to find a city that makes it easy for you to feel at home here but never lost in a massive metropolis, then Southampton is a good place to start.

It’s got a very impressive shopping centre in WestQuay, but it’s also got a lot of small, local businesses that you can easily tap into. The city itself is helped of course by its location near the water, where you can enjoy an incredibly intimate view of the city – and all of the long-term good weather that this brings with it!

The university is highly regarded

Another good reason to come to the university is that, thanks to nearby student accommodation and impressive transport links, getting to and from your university is very easy. The university is rated as one of the best in the country, especially for learning about things like Politics, meaning that you can easily feel comfortable that you are getting a highly sought after, valuable education.

With the addition of flexible learning patterns, too, you can easily enjoy a much more specific kind of learning experience tailored to your own needs. Wherever you want to help your education at Southampton University to take you, you can easily adjust your course to fit that specific need.

Ample opportunity

Outside of simply learning in the city, finding work in the city is easier than ever. This is an innovative city that embraces its student culture, making it easier for you to find work in your chosen field throughout the city.

If you find that you have blended in with the city and its culture, you might wish to stay here. As a young and modern city with many opportunities for the young and the old, you can easily find something that might keep you here a while longer. Add in the fact that student accommodation is based nearby Southampton University, and you will be sur to grow to love spending time in the city as you stay here.

With these points in mind, then, you can surely see why, for many, Southampton University is the perfect place to continue your studies.

CBSE Exams
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3 Tips To Prepare For Your CBSE Exams

CBSE exams can be quite a challenging task for students to effectively learn and prepare for. Students who are in classes 10th and 12th are generally under a lot more pressure to score higher marks as these examinations carry a lot of importance. The CBSE class 10 Science notes, maths notes or class 12 PCMB notes can be an excellent resource for students preparing for their examinations.

These exams carry a lot of significance because they are considered by universities and colleges everywhere to allow admission to students into their respective institutions. Thus, students who score good marks in these examinations have a much better chance of getting into the colleges or universities of their own choice.

We have compiled three different tips, that will prove to be useful during your preparations for the final examinations. These tips will also help you to score the highest marks in the examinations as well. You can find the tips below:

  • Solving Previous Year Question Papers: Previous year question papers are an excellent resource for students, as they can refer through these papers to understand the exam paper pattern better. They would also be able to recognize, highlight and practice the most frequently asked questions over the years and gain proficiency for their final examinations.
  • Referring through CBSE Notes: Learning through the textbook and question papers isn’t enough, as students must know the best way to answer questions in the main examination. For example, a student can refer through the CBSE Class 11 Chemistry Notes while preparing for their chemistry examinations and gain more perspective on how to answer questions better.
  • Learning through Edu-Tech Apps: Edu-Tech apps are a great resource for students to learn from, compared to traditional teaching methods as students can access video lectures, practice material, and other great resources at any time or any place.

Apps such as BYJU’S- The Learning App have gained a lot of popularity due to their excellent content and video lectures, taught by the best professionals from across the country. These applications have mingled education with convenience, thereby helping thousands of students to learn on the go.

Thus, these are the different tips to effectively help you prepare for your CBSE exams. Subscribe to the BYJU’S Youtube channel to learn more about CBSE exams. Check out this short video explaining the introduction to metals and non-metals below: