English, Common Choice As a Second Language for the Speaker of Other Languages


People all around the world either they are German or Chinese, are using English as a second choice for communication. Any one from any country having any native language is learning English too as it is considered as a universal language of the modern era. People while chatting are preferring to talk in English which every one can understand even if u visit some chat rooms you will see that a message from the administrator keeps coming, to use English language in room and may use your native in private messaging. The reason why people are using this language as a universal language is this that it is easy and most importantly a huge amount of population in the world are speaking it as their native language. According to a research more than two billion populations is using English as a native language and a sum of 375 million populations is using English as a second language.

English Common Choice As a Second Language for the Speaker of Other Languages

The best news channel like BBC is using English for delivering news. The funny thing about it is that the people who are not well aware of this language just try to communicate with people in English without following the rules of grammar which looks quiet funny. Although English language is not very easy and is a very technical language but, still it is used for communication world-wide. Thats the only reason, why there is a difference between British English and American English? British English is considered as a well-organized one and English that American use is the mixture of British English including some new rules of grammar. People these days dont have a command over grammar. Mostly people have poor grammar and they dont even bother to follow the rules of grammar thats why a controversy between American and British English has arisen.

People all around the world are getting English- speaking lectures online. There is much software that is working for the purpose to make people learn English. There is a doubt that in future all countries will announce their official language to be English. Even all the presidents of different countries when sit together for any discussion they use English language to communicate. The administrative authorities of a hotel, café etc of any country are required to learn English so they can communicate with the people from foreign countries easily. 99% websites on internet are using English language. All blogs, articles are written in English language. If someone would ask me to define English language, my answer to the person would be, a comprehensive language, used world wide what more easy definition a person will expect? No one in the world u will find who will say that he dont know English at all. All schools in the world are teaching English language and most of them are having whole of their course books in English. A person can not ignore the need of learning English in the modern era.