As you prepare yourself to travel and study abroad here are tips to and suggestions that you should consider;

1. Research;
-It is paramount that you educate yourself on where you are going; Get information on crime alerts and rates on your destination.
-It also important to be in touch with what is happening in your destination by reading online newspapers, before and during the trip.

2. Get your international student card;
– You need to get an international student card, this card will aid you in getting foreign currency in the airport, free of the normal commission.
-The card will also save you money in museum admission, sightseeing and more.
– You can also use the card online at Apple store and target .com

3. Make several copies of your passport;
– It is advisable that you that you make print several passports and take them with you. You also need to scan and email one the copies to your email. In case you lose the original you can use the copies.
-The above suggestion also applies to all essential documents.

4. Carry a supply of your prescribed drugs;
– You need to take a three to four month supply of your prescribed drugs with you. Also take along the copy of the prescription.
– Be aware that some of the drugs that are legal in tour country may not be legal in your host country. Research on what is allowed in the foreign country. Even some of the over-the- counter drugs may not be legal in some countries.

5. Set a budget;
-You need to open a local bank account. Whether your plan is to make all transactions using your debit card or you will be using cash, set the amount money you will spend on the first month.
– Setting a budget will help you to get used to the foreign currency value compared to your currency at home.
-The budget will help you to adjust accordingly, also it will help you have a good handle on your spending while in the foreign country.

6. Understand your money matters;
-Research on the debit card and the credit card options before you leave your country, this will help you to avoid expensive conversion costs.
-Also when withdrawing your money, make sure the ATMs are in a well-lit public area.

7. Learn about the traffic safety in the foreign country;
Pedestrians and passengers are the biggest causalities of road accidents. You need to understand the traffic rules in the foreign country.

8. Stay hydrated always;
-It may be a challenge to find clean water in a foreign country. Always carry securely sealed bottled water. If it is not possible to carry water, then bring along powdered electrolyte packets.

9. Know the emergency lines;
– It is important to know the local emergency lines that you should call in case of an emergency.
-Also it is paramount to know where the consulates and embassy are located. Know their numbers and keep them handy.

10.Your cell phone function;
-You need to understand all your cell phone usage charges before you depart, call your cell phone service provider to get this information.
-It is better for you to purchase a local cell phone line so that you pay by the local rate, instead of the usually higher long distance rate.
As you get your passport renewal and prepare yourself to travel you need to understand all the above suggestions and take them into consideration.