How to Help Kids with Homework


Children spend the most time in school and they always come home with loads of homework. Most of them are always excited to come home and play their favorite game or do anything fun that homework. You can opt to use the best websites that offer homework help such as

While homework can be such a boring endeavor there are some helpful tools that are designed to offer homework help online for kids track and organize their forgotten homework. These tools help them stay focused on the task and avoid common homework obstacles.

There are even a few that can lend a hand when kids need help in solving mathematical problems. Here are the top five best tools to help your kid with homework.

  • Quizlet

Quizlet app comes with practical tests and interactive games to make the kid’s homework fun. The most helpful feature of this app is the ability to make your own flashcards using a textbook, online resources, or class notes. If the kid does not have time to create flashcards, there need not worry as Quizlet offers thousands of flashcards on different topics. These flashcards help children sharpen their skills in studying and handle homework effectively.

  • Photomath Camera Calculator

If your kid is having trouble solving mathematical problems, don’t sweat yourself trying to look for a tutor to help him or her. Take advantage of this unique tool referred to as Photomath Camera Calculator. This tool makes use of your iPad camera to solve a math’s problem. Simply point your iPad camera to a math problem either on a book or piece of paper, and Photomath will provide you with the answer you need and show you a detailed explanation on how to arrive at that exact answer. It’s ideal for maths and science homework.

  • My GradeBook

Also referred to as My Grades and Homework, this app helps you to track your child’s grades as well as homework assignments.

Simply start by adding your courses, indicate the instructor, units or credits, term, grade style, and grade scale. Once you have all the details in this app, you can add your college homework assignments by clicking on the class, and proceed to the notepad icon. The app also allows you to add a due date and some additional notes that you want to be included in your assignment. Once you’re through, click “submit” and your work is done.

If you want to find your overall grade, just add the points you earned out of the total points and My GradeBook will give you an overall class grade based on all the graded assignments. Then it will give you an overall GPA.

  • StudyBlue

What if your homework entails studying for a test?

If this is the case, StudyBlue will be of great help. It has tons of different study modes that will help your kid to take quizzes, review sheets, and flip through flashcards. The app optimizes the kid’s study by tracking which flashcards have been mastered so that kids can focus on what they need to learn and do homework. It features a built-in library so that your child can search any material they need at learn a lot about the topic at hand. The flashcards can be in text, audio, or images.

  • myHomework

Kids can be carried away by different things that lead to distraction and they may need “help homework” assistance. As a result, they may forget to write down assignments or submit them on time. myHomework helps to track homework assignments, class schedules, and upcoming tests. The app also notifies your child when a task is due. This can help the child to improve their organizational skills and even become better students at the school.

If you’re lucky to be in a school that participates in the app, you can get school announcements and download documents that are shared on this platform.

  • Evernote

When it comes to homework and classwork, note-taking is not an easy task. But thanks to apps like Evernote, note-taking has become much easier. Evernote allows you to take notes in various ways on your smartphone or iPad tablet. Whether you decide to take a picture or create a list of writing, this app will help you take notes easily and share them with other devices.

Assignments and daily activities are made easier using Evernote. The interesting part about the app is that children can share their notes with others so each one of them can keep tab of what is being taught in class.


As a new school year kicks in, there is so much expectation from a child and we all want them to be successful. Sometimes homework can take a toil in their daily schedule and they may end up feeling tired and frustrated. But these simple apps will help your kid with homework and they can look forward to a successful year. Put them into the task and get that homework done on time.