You’ve failed an exam: here’s how to pass it next time around without ruining your summer

exam notes

So you’ve failed an important exam, it feels like the end of the world, right? We can assure you it is not! Failure is the best way to learn how to improve, so don’t look at the fact that you haven’t passed this time as a completely bad thing. It may be the case that you already know why you failed (too much partying!), but if you genuinely have no idea, here are some tips that might help you pass the second time around without destroying your summer.

  • Friends can help.

Unfortunately, one of the things about failing is that you will have friends that have passed their exams. If you take a step back to think about it can also be a good thing. Your friends will not want to see you upset and they might have some tips for you- maybe even some notes ;). You might need to swallow a bit of pride but in a long-term perspective it’s better passing second time around than failing twice.

  • Take it seriously.

It might seem a little bit patronising and it would probably be the first bit of advice that a parent would give you, but it is important. Make sure that you knuckle down, evaluate what you might have done wrong previously and make sure that you cover all bases with your revision this time around. If needs be go to your lecturer and talk with them about how you might best spend your time revising.

  • Check out some new techniques.

There are many different types of revision techniques, it might be that you just haven’t found the one that suits you best yet. A good revision technique could be the difference that you need, choosing the right approach can also dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend revising. Go online and have a search around, you might be surprised at the things you find. If checking out how to revise properly is something you have never done before, then you should definitely take a little time to read through how to best revise.

  • Find a little help.

There are academic help companies such as Ivory Researchwhocan give you the extra boost you need to passs an exam the second time around. They employ expert freelance essay writers who can provide you with bespoke exam notes which could make all the difference. Going into an exam with the knowledge of a subject specialist behind you will put your nerves to rest and will give you the confidence to properly concentrate on the task at hand.

  • Get your resources together.

It might be that on your first effort at revising all of the appropriate resources had already gone AWOL from the library. Make sure that you identify what materials you need early so that you can get hold of the books you need before your course mates. There’s nothing worse than getting to the library too late and realising that you’re left without the right books again!

Everyone deserves a break, so make sure that you don’t beat yourself up too badly about failing first time around. A summer off should be a good enough incentive to make sure that your revision stays on track, especially if you have already made plans with your mates. If you work hard you will pass, have a little faith in yourself and you’ll be just fine second time around.