Can’t Write That Paper On Time? Want To Use A Writing Service? Don’t do it!


Going to college is very difficult. The work can often be overwhelming. The studying and the papers and assignments can really pile up. You may have trouble getting everything done. However, you need to do your own work on every single assignment. Paying for that college degree isn’t going to matter if you don’t learn anything.

With that said, some students feel the need to hire dissertation writing services to do their writing assignments for them. It’s still plagiarism and it’s wrong because you are not doing your own work. They are cheap and may sound like a good solution to your problems. They may not be detectable by plagiarism checkers, but it is still cheating. Custom essays may seem like a great time-saver, but you will regret it.

How Prevalent Are Essay-Writing Services?

 There are hundreds of companies out there that will sell you essays and dissertations. There are larger companies that do it ( ), and there are some smaller companies that hire independent freelance writers to do it. It’s not just college students buying papers. Some company executives even utilize these writing services to write expert articles or leadership papers.

Why Do Professors Assign Papers?

College professors ask for academic papers for you to demonstrate your knowledge on the subject. They are also testing your ability to meet deadlines and to demonstrate your critical thinking skills. Writing the essay is a better tool for remembering things. If you are able to write about what you read and learned, then that demonstrates your proficiency in the subject.

When trying to get an advanced degree, you will likely have to write a thesis. You can buy dissertations as well, but this is even worse. This is one of the core requirements for your degree. If you pay for your dissertation, you are not getting much out of your study. Learning the trade of writing can help students get real world skills. However, professors make the mistake of thinking that a student who makes grammatical errors doesn’t know how to write. Many students just miss them while proofreading, or they are rushing through the paper because they can’t finish.

 Why Are Students Turning To These Services?

Our education system is based heavily on assignments, especially when you are getting a liberal arts degree. When you are a full-time student, you may get too many assignments. Students who use essay-writing services do that out of desperation. They just have too many assignments and not enough time. They also put things off, so they don’t get into the process of planning and research and drafting because they have procrastinated.

Technically, these assignments are original, so they meet the no plagiarism requirement. However, you are still publishing work that is not yours and calling it your own. Cheating still happens, though. Students are feeling the pressure to produce. They are balancing coursework, jobs, and a social life. Inevitably, some of them give into the temptation of buying a paper.

You may have some pre-conceived notions about which students use these services, but it’s not what you think. They are not necessarily students who are struggling for grades. All kinds of students take part in this. Some are really lazy ones who want to get out of a bad situation. Some of them are good students, but they simply couldn’t find the time to finish their own work. Students from every school you can think of use these services.

Also, foreign students use these services because they struggle with writing in English. Many colleges don’t provide enough help and support for foreign students in this situation.

The most popular types of content requested from these services are essays, research papers, and Masters’ thesis. It is generally the research papers because those are the most common assignments that students get.

The Moral Argument

We all know what the definition of cheating is. Yes, college is stressful, and the students may be overburdened with work. However, cheating is still wrong. It won’t do you any good in the long run, really. It just creates lazy students and a workforce that is not prepared. Writing is an important part of many jobs. From proposals to software documentation to various reports, writing is a big part of it.

Communication is a vital job skill, and if students don’t practice it, they can end up not gaining the job skills they went to college for. Writing is an important part of becoming an adult. You may have to do things that you don’t necessarily enjoy. College is so expensive. If you don’t want to do the work to get your degree, you might as well spend your money on something else. An employer will be able to tell when you don’t have the skills you were supposed to get with that degree.

Risks Involved With Buying An Essay

First, if you have turned in your own papers before, your professor may notice a paper with a different writing style. Professors have seen this before, they know what the fake essays look like. A good professor won’t believe that you all of a sudden have incredible writing skills.

You can’t check your writer’s qualifications. They may say they are professionals, but anyone can say that. There is no guarantee of quality; that is why these essays are so cheap.

The biggest risk is that if you are caught turning in a purchased essay, you can be expelled and kiss the diploma goodbye. At most colleges and universities, expulsion is usually the punishment. Is it worth it to pay $50 for a paper that you could’ve written yourself. College is for learning; you won’t learn anything if you don’t do the work.

Instead of turning to these services, start your assignment early. Get help from your professor if you need to. Plan out and do a rough draft. Take the time to proofread and edit your work before turning it in. Don’t procrastinate. Your professor will find out eventually; it’s not worth the risk to pay for a paper. It’s better to take a lower grade than to get expelled.