How Is Chemistry Applicable In Our Everyday Lives


Chemistry is very important in our daily lives since it gives us the chance to understand the changes that are happening around us. To do something that can improve our daily lives, we need to understand it first and get help with chemistry. Chemistry is what all matter is made up of. Most things are made up of chemicals. We need to understand how everything works to create an innovation for the world. Here are some examples of how chemistry is applicable in our daily lives:


Medicine is very important for everyone. If we feel, sick we need to take medicine. If we need an added vitamin supplement, we need to take vitamins. Chemistry is important for us to develop the needed medicine for different illnesses. There are a lot of viruses and diseases that are affecting the human race. To prevent the extinction of the human race, we must use chemistry to test and develop the needed cures for these viruses and diseases.


Everyone loves to eat, and in order to eat we need to cook our food. Chemistry is also important in cooking. It is used to understand the cooking process. For example, let’s take a look at a steak. To test if it is well done, rare, medium or medium rare, we need chemistry to understand beef temperatures. In fermentation or the preserving process of the food, chemistry is also used. Understanding the process is important for you to know when the food is already ready to be consumed. Chemistry is important for us to know how different ingredients affect the food when we are cooking as well.

Beauty And Health Care

Chemistry plays an important role in beauty and health care.  To be able to discover a new cosmetic or beauty product, chemistry is used to test different chemicals. Modern machines and cures are developed using chemistry equations. Different ingredients are used to develop beauty products. These chemicals can be hazardous to the human health so chemistry is needed to understand the effects of these chemicals in the long run.

Transport And Industries

Factories and other major industries are run by chemicals. The operation of these industries is determined by chemistry.  To be able to create a process in a factory, they have to study and analyze the factors using chemistry. In order to create a new railway system, have a car run and anything that has something to do with transportation, chemistry is the way to make it work. Transportation and different industries progress’ are all determined by chemistry.


In cleaning we used different chemicals such as bleach, soap, insecticides and many others. These cleaning agents are made from NaOH, a strong chemical and have their own reaction to where they are applied. Chemistry is able to explain these reactions which is how we are able to have particular chemicals assigned to be used in cleaning different areas. The appliances invented to make our work easier, such as washing machines, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers and many more are all related to chemistry as well. Cleaning has become a bit easier to do because of chemistry.

Agriculture And Food Security

Many of our crops are good because of fertilizers. To invent these fertilizers, chemistry was used.  New crops are being studied and chemicals to enhance the crops are also being tested and invented and all these are because of chemistry. Genetically modified food are being developed to sustain the food supplies of many countries. To gather the necessary information to create something, chemistry is used to extract the data. More profit is gained because of the chemicals that are invented with the help of chemistry.

Science And Technology

With the use of chemistry, science and technology is better explained. Many scientists are able to understand different processes which allowed them to create something that will make our lives much better. Innovation is continuously growing and this is creating different gateways for improvements. Scientists are able to explain different events and phenomena that made a way for them to invent something that will prevent these events and phenomena to happen in the future.  Getting help with chemistry will allow you to be able to understand these things as well.