Five Tips for Conducting Online Job Searches

Online Job Searches

If you’re moving with a spouse to another region of the world, looking for employment can be difficult to do until you arrive in the country. However, you can begin your job search online to research the job market as well as distribute your resume to potential employers. Here are five tips for starting a job search online.

Use Job Search Engines

There are many ways to find job listings online, but one of the best ways is to use job search engines. They usually have listings for the top jobs listed on company websites, job sites, and even niche job sites for the type of work you want to do. You could even find job vacancies in Johor for application by searching the right job search engine.

Simplify Your Resume

When you send a resume to a potential employer, it will be scanned through an applicant tracking system before a human gets to look at it. A complex resume will be beyond what the tracking system can handle and may be rejected.

To make sure a real human gets to see your resume, simplify it so it tells them what you can deliver. Study the job description, mirror the language of it, and emphasise your strengths in the areas of importance to the employer.

Don’t Limit Contact

Most people submit resumes and then wait to hear back from the recruiters at the companies with which they applied. Instead of waiting to hear from the company you wish to work for, be proactive and begin contacting people at the company to gather more information about it.

Find and talk to potential peers about working there, contact an internal recruiter to ask questions, and make yourself known to some decision makers. Those on their radar are more likely to get interviews than people that only exist on paper.

Start a LinkedIn Account

Social media can be an important tool for job recruiters looking for and researching candidates. One of the most important social media sites for professionals is LinkedIn, so if you’re a professional actively looking for work, you should be on LinkedIn.

Even at times when you may not be actively looking for work, having a good profile on this site can get you noticed by recruiters looking for someone with your experience within the geographic area of where you are or soon will be.

Thank Those Who Help

After you speak to decision makers or potential colleagues who have answered your questions, be sure to thank them. Send a personal note to everyone you’ve contacted about information, or had interviews with during your job hunt. These notes will be remembered and could help sway decision makers if it comes down to you and another candidate. You don’t have to overdo the thank you; just be sincere and polite.

Become familiar with Skype and other such programs in case you get an online interview. Dress nicely, be polite and conduct the interview in a quiet place so you can give them your full attention.